Sunday, October 25, 2009

~ The Big 28 ~

Wasn't it just yesterday when I turned 18 and I was celebrating with my friends at my parent's restaurant? And they gave me a book where each of them wrote how they met me, what they love about me, a pet peeve about me and full of pictures of them with me. That was one of the sweetest gift ever. Then, I went over to the gas station and purchased my first cigarettes with my friend Conrad. No, I don't smoke. It was for him.

10 years later, and I....look the same! :D Ok, I am just kidding. I had short hair back then so that's different :D Here's a picture of me and my mom on my 18th birthday.

Here she is a few days ago. She's traveling and can't be with me on my birthday but it's ok. She always calls on my birthday. I think she remembers very well that she was in labor for 24 hours 28 years ago. Thanks Mom! O yeah, I think she looks better now than when I was 18 :)

So, yesterday, my friends and I went to Niwano Hana for dinner. There was a small mixup with the location. Sorry to my two wonderful friends who went to the wrong place and had to drive around!!!! But, dinner was great! The owner (I think...) stood up on a chair and took a group picture of us. He's so funny!

I like to think he was trying to match with me :)

The third take outside the restaurant. It was warm, then got really cold.

Then, we went off to karaoke. I love karaoke with my friends. We are all good performers!! We sing some Mariah Carey, Madonna, Britney, and more!

Check out those hot red shoes!

My fiance got me the most awesome cake from Stella's Bakery. It's tiramisu and it's seasonal. I went in September to get one for him, but they said they don't make it till it gets colder.

Thanks to everyone for celebrating with me and for all the wonderful presents! I wonder what my birthday celebration will be like when I am 38......gosh that looks like such a scary number right now....


pxyjk said...

since when is tiramisu seasonal?

The Beading Gem said...

Happy birthday, Joyce. You can have tiramisu any time of the year just not from that bakery!

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