Thursday, October 22, 2009

~ Halloween Costume: Sexy Belle ~

My dear friends have been telling me to get a costume for the past month and I just haven't had the time. With Halloween looming in the corner, I finally decided to take a couple hours to go shopping. I am very happy that my dear friends joined me in this adventure even though I was the only costume-less one.

So, I actually only tried on one costume because (call me snobby if you want) the dressing rooms are so ghetto and we were there late and .... ok I was lazy. This is the one I picked. I just love yellow!!! I had to get extra small and it was the last one at the store! I am usually a size 4/6 but this one is actually loose! The definitely not worth $50!

Now I have to figure out my hair, shoes and jewelry. I think I am going to make some special earrings with yellow crystal hearts. I am not going to get white mary janes just for a costume though. I already spent enough on the dress and the petticoat.

This is the first time I bought a costume for Halloween since I was 12. I am starting to feel like this is a big scam just like bridesmaid dresses. You pay so much for an outfit that's not well made and you only wear once. Maybe twice if you really stretch it or trade with a friend. Oh well, I am excited to dress up next week :)


pxyjk said...

Well you might get some use out of it indoors....

SKayylove said...

costumes are pricey. usu i trade with friends or make my own lol but i love this belle costume, sophisticated yet chic :)

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