Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~ Cozy Up at Thai Spice in Chicago ~

My best friends and I love to go to this cozy little Thai placed around Loyola University called Thai Spice. The food is always good and service is always wonderful. The owner, Tony, is very friendly! He remembers us every time we go and we actually don't go very often.

Here are the appetizers: Beef Salad and Chicken salad. The beef one has cucumber. Yummmmm.

I don't remember what these were but everything was great. All the curry I ever tried there was great!

I remember this was Pud Kee Mao. The noodles on the bottom was pan fried and cripsy! Very good stuff.

I only have pictures of the food 'cause we were too busy catching up and eating to take pictures of the best part of the restaurant, the authentic seating by the window! I love sitting there. I think there are 4 tables like that at the restaurant. You have to take off your shoes an sit on the pretty cushions at the low tables. All the nice decor just makes me feel like I am in Thailand, except when it's snowing outside...

They are only opened for dinner I think. It's on Devon...1320 W Devon. I have never had issues finding parking there. You do have to parallel park on the street though and depending on when you go, you will have to feed the meter. The place is never packed when I go there so it's very cozy. I do go there very late though. So, go say hi to Tony. He gives complimentary homemade chocolate cake around the holidays.

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pxyjk said...

The food looks good, but I think Korean food is better. :)

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