Monday, October 12, 2009

~ New Sections + Shop Layout ~

Ever since Etsy rolled out the "Rearrange your shop" function, I have been thinking of ways to organize my jewelry in the shop in cool ways. I have seen rows of contrasting colors. I have seen arrangement by columns. I...still like arranging by color. So, last week, I finally found time to redo my sections and rearrange my shop. It took a couple of hours (ok, I was playing Bejeweled in between pages) but it's finally done. 159 items arranged and organized!

Here's my first page. I decided to show off a little of every color on the first page.

Then, I have the rest of the items arranged by color like so:

My sections used to be colors. I have reverted it back to the basic sections for jewelry shops: Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, etc. Supposedly, it helps with SEO because I have relevant text as section headers.

I am not that concerned with SEO at the moment. I know I should look at it, but I...don't have time. But, I did notice that ever seen I changed it, more people have clicked on individual sections. In Google Analytics, when I look at Content by Title, the section headers definitely come up more often.

By the way, wondering how I got the screen shots of such a huge page? It's easy! In most browsers, there's a zoom function. You can zoom out and make everything look smaller. I used Chrome, zoomed out twice and took the screen shot on my 19 inch monitor. Go have some fun with it. Take screen shots of your store and show me how you arrange your shop :)

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The Beading Gem said...

The rearrangement was worth the trouble - the selections by color is a wow!

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