Friday, October 30, 2009

~ Strolling Down Memory Lane ~

When I signed into Facebook today, I noticed that my cousin in Hong Kong tagged me in a bunch of pictures. I figured it was pictures from last year when I went there...till I clicked on the first one. Yeah, this is definitely not last year! I guess she was looking through old pictures with my mom and just snapped some pictures of the pictures and posted them on Facebook! Ahh...the memories...Though it's a little embarrassing, I enjoyed this public stroll down memory lane....

This is probably when I was a month old. My cousin Mandy (on the left) is about 3 weeks older than me. So, we have lots of pictures together. Yes, I looked like a boy.

This is from my grandparents' farm, on one of those Chinese holidays that we needed to burn incense and offer food to the gods and such. Hmm...I was just picking up the apple because I was told to right? I didn't look sneaky at all. That's Mandy with me again.

I have no idea where this was....

I really like my outfit here...I was all Chinese-looking....

I remember this ... I think. It was soon before we moved to Chicago. A lot of us went up to this new temple. It was a long walk. I was playing Gameboy. See? I was a gamer even when I was 10.

This is probably from one of the last beach trips. We went camping by the beach and I saw a horseshoe crab for the first time. It was amazing!!!

When I see these pictures of my family after I moved to Chicago, I am sad that I missed all these fun events. I am not saying it wasn't fun growing up in Chicago, but I really missed my cousins and everyone else in Hong Kong.

I am guessing these are pictures we sent back to my cousin from Chicago. I love my brother's glasses. So nerdy!

Probably the first Christmas in Chicago. I know she looks like my sister, but that's my mom :)

We had a lot of good bbqs. Once again, those glasses are hilarious! Thank goodness she didn't show any pictures of me with my glasses.

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pxyjk said...

You actually look somewhat innocent in the last three pics...I almost don't believe its you. :P

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