Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~ More Spring Flowers with Nikon D90 ~

Finally a nice spring day!  I got home  little early from work yesterday and took Niki out for a spin.  Yes, I named my Nikon D90 Niki.  This is my neighbor's tuplip.  So pretty!  I didn't do any post processing to this picture :) 

These are nothing spectacular..... I love these Kwanza cherry blossoms , but I think they look better from far away.  Also, it was so hard to take a sharp picture!  There was a slight breeze so the branches were all moving and my hands were shaky!

Close up of these.... I still don't know what these are! 

Random branch with new leaf....

My multicolor pepper sprouts!  Can't wait for them to be full grown with peppers!!

So, I have no idea what I am doing with the camera still. I really need to spend some time to learn the functions and read up on aperture and shutter speed. Always so much to do!!!

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InsideOut Elle said...

yah...more marco shots :) The tulips in DC are beautiful right now and they are blooming in our front hard right now too :D Our tulips are just red, yellow, baby pink solids tho ^^ I want to get the multi colored tulips next time.

I'm pretty sure the flowers you didn't know the name of are dogwood blossoms :)

For un-retouched pics...the color saturation is pretty good!

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