Saturday, April 23, 2011

~ Muddy Hike at Billy Goat Trail ~

Yay!  It's finally time to hike!  It has been raining for a few days and I was worried that the trail would be muddy.  But, my awesome friend reassured me that it would not be muddy because he went last week and it was fine.  This is what my shoes and pants looked like after I came back.  Would you call this muddy?

 Just to be clear... this is what was on my shoes.....  I had some fun with my macro lens :D

Anyway, aside from the mud, it was a great hike!  It was a lil dangerous because part of the easier trail was flooded so we had to climb some crazy rocks.  I need to take a break from this Billy Goat Trail for a few weeks at least.  I m still a lil afraid of those rocks right now.  There were a lot of fallen trees and signs of flooding and I had to get down and use my hands at a few spots.  But, it felt really good to be out and about again. 

Of course, it's always more fun with the dogs!  It was a shiba inu party!  I was so jealous that they looked so clean compared to Momo!

Look at this rat.   He was not happy to be back on the leash after running around on his own for most of the trail.

Good thing I had a blanket in the car to save my seat!  He was so wet and nasty.  We had to shampoo him twice and just hose him down to get rid of all the dirt.   Well, at least he's nice and fluffy now.  Can't wait to go back!!


Hello hello said...

SHIBA INUS! I have a soft spot for spitz type dogs...their spoing-y fluffy tails ^_^ momo is so cute in the 4th and 5th pic tho~ eheh sandwiched between to shibas ;) He definitely has the ultimate puppy eyes :}

InsideOut Elle said...

hey joyce - that was me E ;) no need to post this particularly comment...just wanted to let you know who I am :) I sometimes post with my mother gmail account.

Anonymous said...

Surprise weather. Always a treat. I hadn't anticipated snow on my backpacking trip this last weekend, but alas, snow there was. It made it twice as difficult and twice as rewarding.

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