Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Cherry Blossoms at Kenwood ~

Every year, I try to get down to DC to see cherry blossoms.  But, every year something happens and I just don't get to see the cherry blossoms.  This year, I went down to DC but it was too cold and I ended up at the museum.  But, I found out about Kenwood so I headed there to see some cherry blossoms!

The cherry blossoms were so pretty!  It was like a fairy tale!  It was very crowded though and I did feel bad for walking on people's lawns.

Since Kenwood is just a neighborhood, I brought Momo too!  He was quite excited about everything! 

Here are some closeups of the cherry blossoms.  Most of the cherry blossoms were white.  I think pink is prettier, but the sheer amount of blossoms is still astonishing.  My brother took this picture :)

This is taken with my S95.  Not sure what kind of flowers these are....

My S95 again... not as sharp as the Nikon, but I didn't want to carry it around.  

Kenwood is a very nice neighborhood and it's nicely organized to handle the huge amount of visitors.  It was hard to find information about it though.  There is no address and I had no idea where I was going.  I just saw that it's on Brookside Drive and River Rd.  On weekends, there are cops there to direct traffic so it wasn't too bad.  There was many parking spaces along the street and you just have to follow the signs.  I think it's easier to just enter the neighborhood at River Rd and Dorsey Ave though. 

There were a lot of kids selling lemonade and cookies for charity, which is very sweet of them.  There is also a small area for hanging out and perhaps a small picnic, I think.  It's in the middle, on Brookside Drive.  I think I will go back on a weekday next year, or maybe go down to DC again.  The flowers are so pretty!

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InsideOut Elle said...

You were in DC!!!!!! It looks beautiful and I love the shot of you under the tree with momo.

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