Friday, April 8, 2011

~ The Steakhouse at Azul at La Jolla ~

Next stop!  Happy Hour at the Steakhouse at Azul at La Jolla!  We went in for dinner but got enticed by the happy hour menu so we just got pretty much one of everything!

First off....the yummy corn chowder!!

Even the bread is good!  The butter is special!

Yummy chicken on a stick.....  love the sauce!

This flat bread was so awesome!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

This fried yam was awesome too.  The steak was so soft and tender!

Ok, this one is a little funny.  The menu said steak fries.  So, I thought it would be like big plate of thick fries.  Surprise!  There's a big piece of steak on top of the fries.  Haha, I guess I didn't know what steak fries was....

I really want to go back to this place!!!  I like the decor here.  It seems like such a high class place and it had the most awesome fire place.  I love how open it was.  Happy hour is such a good deal too!  *Drool*


Augmented Gem said...

Mmm. Looks like good eating - I'd go back too.

InsideOut Elle said...

ahhhhh your food posts drive me nuts xD thank god this is in san diego where I can't try it RIGHT NOW ^_^

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