Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~ Zoya Nail Polish Exchange ~

I really should not get any more nail polish. I have a few bottles that I haven't even opened! But, Zoya has a really awesome deal going on right now!  It's the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange!  Basically, you get the polish for $4 a bottle, shipped.  Plus, you can send back your old, non-zoya polishes and they will dispose of them for you in a environmentally-safe way!

Here's what I have in my cart right now.  Pippa is a must because I love yellow and I really need an opaque yellow polish.  I want a true purple and a light creamy blue.  I don't have any cream polishes because I am all about glitter.  But I think I want to try some.  Any suggestions?

1 comment:

InsideOut Elle said...

wheeeee goldie and freja :D!

I'm def excited to see how you wear Pippa and Yummy b/c I think of those as your signature colors ^_^ Your star earrings is prolly what it is~

Astra and mimi looks gorgeous too tho :D

god...we must try to control our polish addiction ^^!!

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