Saturday, April 16, 2011

~ The Prado at Balboa Park ~

Just like the museum area in DC, San Diego has an area just for museums called Balboa Park which includes the famous San Diego Zoo. The museums are cool and the zoo is awesome, but the museums there are just not as cool as the museums we have in DC. So, I will only talk about the awesome lunch we had at Balboa Park at The Prado.

The decor is interesting.  Very bright and very fun!  It's filled with all these glass art work, but the chairs are strange.  They are too high for the tables and the booths are too low.  Very strange.

The food was great thought.  I love this complimentary pita bread thing.  It got me excited for the food.

We started with the appetizer which is an Asian style calamari with thai sweet chili sauce served over a tangy salad.  I love the sauce and the calamari is very lightly breaded with is awesome.

I had the Baby Greens salad.  It has "greens, pomegranate seeds, hazelnuts, midnight moon cheese, caramel cider vinaigrette".  I usually don't get fancy salads because some of the fancy stuff tastes weird.  But, I really like the name "midnight moon" cheese.  That just sounds magical.  And it was so good!  I loved the hazelnuts and the dressing!  The pomegranate adds a little bit of fresh tartness and the cheese added richness and saltiness to the greens.  

This is the roasted jidori half chicken with "mascarpone polenta, sauteed spinach, fennel confit, truffle pan sauce".  It looks similar to the jasmine lemon chicken from 8407 and it's just as tender.  It's not as tart because it doesn't have the lemon, but it was still very flavorful.

This is the 8oz kobe burger.  Very yummy.  Comes with grilled purple onions and taro chips!

It's nice to see something other than fries and these were very good!  Not as greasy and heavy as fries but has the good friedness that every one likes.

I loved everything here!  Price is reasonable I think.  The chicken dish is $18 which may seem high for lunch, but this is Balboa Park.  Everything is expensive, just like how it's $8 to get a hot dog in the Natural History Museum cafe in DC.  I would definitely come back to eat if I ever go to Balboa Park again.

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