Sunday, April 17, 2011

~ Chedi Thai Bistro in La Jolla ~

One relaxing week night, we had a wonderful dinner at this small Thai restaurant called Chedi Thai Bistro in La Jolla.  I love the ambiance there, very colorful, but relaxing with it's waterfall displays, buddha statues and big bird cage lights.

First off, we ordered some Thai Ice Tea.  It was yummy!  Not as sweet as some other restaurants I have had. 

For appetizers, we had some shrimp pancake thingies.  These were good!  Love the sauces and the little fried lotus root on top.  The details are awesome!

We had curry, which was very flavorful and has a decent kick.  The portions were good too!

I think this was grilled pork chop.  I love grilled stuff and it was so good.  Tender and not too salty.

Drunken noodles was also good.  Very spicy!  I had just a little bit and I needed to cool my tongue with that Thai Ice tea.  My husband loved it though! 

If I live around this area, I would consider eating here every time I am too lazy to cook.  It's easy and relaxing and very good!


InsideOut Elle said...

I keep forgetting your posting from San Diego! ehhe b/c whenever I see your DC food posts I always try to plan a visit eheh I LOVE thai food so I was drooling by the 2nd pic. I haven't had thai food in ages...

Joyce said...

you should go eat at Sabai Sabai!

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