Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Little Korea in La Jolla ~

It's time for food pictures!!!  First stop at La Jolla is Little Korea!  Little Korea is a small Korean restaurant on the second floor of a small building close to the beach.  It's sunny and bright and spacious. 

We ordered some lunch specials and of course we get these little appetizers too.

Love these little dishes!  They look even cuter with these bright yellow radishes!

Who wants some yummy kimchi? 

These dumplings were good.  Not too oily and goes well with the little salad.

I think this was the chicken.  Spicy!

This is bul go gi.  Very yummy! 

Kimchi Pancake.  Also good.  It's been too long since my trip so the specific tastes are a little vague in my memory.  I just remembered that it was a very relaxed meal.  I loved sitting by the window and eating spicy food.  Everything was surprisingly not greasy and the proportions was just the right size.  Perfect little place for lunch and a nice brisk walk to the beach afterward!

Here are a couple of pictures from our walk.  Who doesn't love the blue sky, blue waters and greenery?

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InsideOut Elle said...

eheh korean food ^^ I do like the little salads korean restaurants put out with friend dumplings :D I don't feel like they started doing this till a few years ago but whenever they picked up the trend, i like~ San Diego looks gorgeous! I'm glad the VA/MD area has been getting nice weather even though last Friday was pouring all day in DC :P

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