Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~ Hong Kong Style BBQ ~

In all honesty, I don't care for American style BBQ. Hot dogs and burgers don't appeal to me much. Perhaps it's because I grew up with Hong Kong style BBQ.  I think I just like the fact that everyone is supposed to gather around the grill to cook.  This is a lot more fun, except it was super hot yesterday!

After a little while, we got lazy and put the food on the grill, American style.  Except, we still have HK style food.  You can't have a bbq without chicken wings!

I guess hot dogs are good too.  But we also like fish balls, pork balls, and beef balls.  We like to glaze everything with honey too.

We also grill shrimps and mussels by wrapping them in foil and adding some black bean and garlic sauce in it.  Sometimes, we also do veggie packs.

Yummy pork chops!  Thinly sliced and marinated overnight.  Awesome!

This is fruit salad.  Basically, it's apples, pears, pineapple, potato and whatever else you want to put it.  Just not mushy stuff like banana.  Then, add mayonnaise or miracle whip and mix!  Some people likes to put some black pepper or egg or fruit cocktail too.  My sister-in-law put some dried cranberries this time.

This was the most awesome watermelon!  Very sweet and juicy!  We also made a dessert soup with mung beans and seaweed.  It's very good to drink mung bean soup and eat watermelon to counteract the "heat" of all the grilled food.  I had a great time this weekend and I hope everyone else did too!  Can't wait till the next long weekend!

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InsideOut Elle said...

eeheh we had hotdogs (I like them ^^), pork slices, and watermelon on memorial day too~ We went to a lake so the weather was just amazing -- cool breeze and we got the one gazebo cuz we came early so lots of shade.

Glazing the balls with honey is interesting~

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