Monday, May 9, 2011

~ The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef ~

I went down to the Natural History Museum in DC a few weeks ago and saw this amazing coral reef display. Everything was made out of yarn!

It was not a wimpy display either.  It was full blown, life size corals and other sea creatures!  I was so mesmerized by it that my family just left me there by myself.  Can you just imagine how much work it was to create all these creatures??

They also have some made with wire crocheting.  I have seen similar items on Etsy I think.

They even have some made with beads!  Wow!  It's amazing!  Can someone give me a pattern to make this please?

Maybe I should start with this smaller one....

Unfortunately, I was busy and didn't write this up sooner. It was a temporary display that ended on April 24th. You can still find a portion of it in New York though, if you want to see it in person.  I love the Natural History Museum!  Can't wait to go back soon!


Teresa said...

WOW!!!! That is amazing! I knit and still can only imagine the hours of crocheting time that must have gone into the making of that exhibit. Thanks for sharing!

InsideOut Elle said...

omg those are beautiful! I was at that museum 2-3 weeks ago but I guess it must've been after the 24th since I didn't see this display :(!

Lisa said...

Wow this coral pieces are amazing it reminds me of the ceiling at the bellagio in las Vegas!!

yvonne said...

It was a project that gone viral created by Margaret and Christine Wertheim.

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