Friday, May 6, 2011

~ Plumeria Madness and Other New Items at Happy Cloud Supplies ~

I love plumerias.  They are so simple and pretty.  I even wanted to use them for my wedding bouquet.  But, I couldn't and now I must make up for it by purchasing large quantities of plumeria beads.  I am just kidding.  I have quite a few requests for these in different colors so I ordered some.  I hope people will like them!  I have now 8 colors in stock.

 I think my favorite ones are light blue and gray.  I know you are surprised that it's not the yellow ones but I don't care for the orange that much.

I also got some mini plumeria beads.  They are better for earrings necklaces and bracelets.  Also great for hair pins.

I may have to take pictures of these again.  It's like a neon pink and it's so hard to capture!

I also got 2 new bells.  Here are the hamsters...

And rubber duckies!  Ok, they are not rubber, but they look like rubber duckies!

And here are some random stuff I picked up. I think these beads are cool! Very pretty and exotic.

I got more big lobster claws for key chains.  These are pretty awesome as purse charms too.

These are super cute too!  Perfect for the summer!

I will be listing these slowly over the next few days.  Please be sure to visit Happy Cloud Supplies to see all the great charms and beads available now!

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