Saturday, May 14, 2011

~ Forever 21 Haul ~

It's been a while since I purchased from Forever 21.  Maybe I am getting too old to shop there.  I ventured to their website after Elle from InsideOutElle blogged about some face masks available at their store.  I didn't see the one that she mentioned on the F21 website, but I did end up seeing other things... so glad maxi dresses are trendy now!  I got 2 :)  This is the Wild Flowers Maxi Dress.  I love the flowers and I love how it's not a deep V neck like many of their other dresses.  But, it is very, very long.  I am 5' 7'' and it's still very long on me.  If I am not wearing heels, I will trip over it for sure.
I also got this Floral Maxi Dress.  I love the print but the top half is totally weird!  The 2 little triangle covers about 75% of my chest and I am small!  I can't imagine anyone above a 32A wearing this dress.  I am thinking about returning it even though I love the print.  Or I may have to find a nice top to wear over it.

I got another floral skirt too.  It's actually long enough.  One of the reasons why I stopped shopping at F21 is because all their dresses and skirts are so short!  Either I have out grown their clothes or people nowadays just love short short skirts.

I also got 2 pairs of their leggings to wear with my rainboots.  They are one-size-fits-all and they fit, but they are very snug.  I should've known better than to buy one-size pants.  They are cheap though and are good basics to have.  Another fun item is this tweezer!  It's so cute and it's only $1.8.  I love it.  Does the cuteness make it a better tool?  YES.

I was also tempted to get their nail polish but I am waiting for the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection to come out.  I think I want that lilac and the silver shatter.  I saw it in the Ulta ad today and there's another $5 off $10 coupon!!!  Here's the link:  Ok, time to do my nails.  They have been naked for too long!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I know what you mean about Forever 21's skirts and dresses being too short! LOL I remember ordering something once that looked pretty long in the stock photo but it was too hoochie to wear when I got it! =P

InsideOut Elle said...

The floral skirt is really cute! I don't buy skirts and blazers at F21 tho...not only are the skirt lengths too short..I dunno, the cuts are never very flattering on me :(

glitteryeyesxx said...

Nice F21 picks, hun! I'm going to NYC's F21 next Tuesday, and I can't wait to do some damage with my credit card there. :)

But thanks so much for your comment. I can't believe you are considered "fat" in the family, cuz that's SOOOO NOT the case. You look very healthy and pretty, babe. Pay them no mind! It's true what they say, as long as YOU can look at YOURSELF in the mirror at the end of the day and be content with what you see---more than half the battle has already been fought.

I just hate how obsessed with weight this culture has become. Even the models don't look like themselves once their image comes out on the billboard campaign, there's way too much Photoshopping going on that nobody looks human anymore. Since the fashion industry is not going to change any time soon, I figure I might as well just work hard on changing my thoughts and feelings about my own weight. It's a tough journey but I have to do it, or else it's going to drive me absolutely insane.

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