Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~ Addicted to Plants vs Zombies ~

I have seen this game advertised many many times, but I have always resisted.  I am still recovering from my Bejeweled addiction and just started to ease myself out of the Zuma Blitz obsession.  But, I saw a deal for Plants vs Zombies and just bought the game for $3!  $3!!  That's a great deal for hours and hours of entertainment.

 So, what is this game?  Basically, you have to set up these plants that will help you defend your home from zombies.  There are many different plants and many different zombies.  Everything is drawn very nicely and it's a very fun and relaxing game.  After all the action from Zuma Blitz, this is a nice change of pace.

Besides the main adventure mode, there are mini-games, puzzle mode, and survival mode that you need to unlock. 

This is one of the mini games where you have a slot machines that give you plant seeds and sun.  There are so many different games rolled into one!!

And you can make your own zombies.  So funny!  This is my current favorite.  So cute!  Ok, even though I have been busy with this, I still made 12 pairs of earrings last night and took some pictures today.  I will be posting about that soon!  

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The Beading Gem said...

My favorite game too! Although the iPhone version lacks the survival,puzzle and zombatar. Probably because of the lack of Flash.

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