Thursday, May 19, 2011

~ Playing around with My Sigma Macro Lens ~

After days of dreariness and rain, the sun came out for a lil bit so I decided to play with my Nikon D90 and Sigma 50mm Macro lens.  Here are some of my favorites...  First off, one of my least favorite creatures.... the stink bug!  It was just chilling against the glass door so I snapped a few shots.  They like to invade my home and I like to flush them down the toilet.

The first rose of the year!  Last year, my roses didn't do so well, so I was surprised that this lil beauty popped up. 

There are a lot of flies and bees.  A carpenter bee actually made a hole in my bench!  I feel slightly bad that my dad had to seal the hole with a glue gun.  What if there are baby larvee in there?  They are trapped!  Anyway, I am afraid of the bees, so I took picture of the flies :)

Now, I hate flies too.  But you have to admit they have a cool green/orange metallic looking body.  I actually caught one lifting off!  Too bad it isn't very clear.

This is one of my favorite favorites.  I love this color!

I was surprised this one turned out clear where I intended it to be clear.  It was slightly windy and the flowers were swaying.

Ok, this last one is not taken with the micro lens.  But, I love it.  I like taking pictures of kids though it's very hard!  They just keep moving and not listening to you.  There's no plan to set up the pictures.  I just wait for them to do something cute and snap away :)

I am at a point where I feel that I should take pictures of things other than flowers.  Everyone and their moms take pictures of flowers.  I need cooler and more unusual subjects so I can impress the most important critic of my photos... my brother.

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