Thursday, May 5, 2011

~ New Earrings for Happy Cloud Moments ~

I was suddenly inspired to make earrings a few nights ago and I ended up with 12 pairs!  It's wedding season so I made a few bridesmaid sets.  I don't know about you, but I love the idea of bridesmaid wearing different dresses in the same color theme.  With the different dresses, of course there should be different earrings!  My first set is a Powder Rose, classic soft pink, that's sophisticated enough for weddings and not too girly.  This set has 4 pairs.

I may list this pair on its own.  I love it and I am keeping this pair for myself.

Here's a blue set with light blue pearls, bright blue crystal spacers and deep, almost turquoise crystals. 

I started using this to show the length of the earrings.  Is this better or should I go back to using my hand for scale?

My favorite of course, is this yellow set!!  I saw somewhere that gray with a pop of yellow is a great color for weddings for summer 2011.  Well, These will be great with steel gray dresses with a yellow sash and yellow bouquets.

I think my favorite in this set is the one to the right.

I used to have something like this in my shop before.  They were popular but I found it hard to make them before.  Now, I have practiced and make them better!  These are also shorter and I think they are cuter.  They look very cute on my friend with short hair.  I will resurrect some of the other color schemes that I had soon! 

I love the marquis shape earrings.  They are fun and casual and look so timeless.  I love how sparkly these are.  What should I call them?

I have a busy weekend up ahead, but I am feeling so inspired lately. I hope I will get some time to make more earrings soon!! Please stop by my jewelry shop if you have a few minutes.  I am running an awesome spring clearance sale!  By the way, I love my new macro lens!

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