Friday, May 27, 2011

~ The Shopping Spree Begins with H&M ~

I have never really been a fan of H&M.  I always go in to check it out, but I rarely find anything that fits me well.  Always hopeful, I went in about a month ago and came back out with a few tops and dresses!  I love the maxi dress trend!  I got a couple of tops and floral dresses.  Here's my favorite comfy maxi dress.  It was $25.  One reason I like it is because it's not a deep V.  I have many dresses that are deep Vs and it shows too much and it's annoying to have to find shirts to wear under or over them.  Please ignore the door knob.  I was too lazy to photoshop it out :)

This is another floral dress. I like the style and the pattern.  It's a very romantic soft pink roses with a hint of vintageness.  The cutting and fabric makes it look more safari to me and makes me think of a brave fashionable scientist on the African safari.  Ok, my imagination is a lil bit hyper today.

I got this pretty pink rose shirt with ruffle sleeves too.  It was like $12!  Very pretty and I love it with my white skirt.

I was also obsessed with this white organic cotton maxi dress for a while.  I really wanted it but it was $60.  More than I usually pay for a simple dress like that and from H&M where clothes are supposed to be cheap.  I know I am supposed to support organic blah blah blah, but at the end... I didn't get it.  I did end up getting 2 more of the green floral dress in 2 more colors because I saw it on sale today!  It was $15 each.  Crap.  I threw out my receipt for the green one so I can't get my $10 back :(  Oh well, I got the dark blue one and light blue and peach flowers.  I am ready for summer!

I also stopped by New York & Company because my step mom wanted to check it out.  We got some nice stuff!  These flip flops are only $10!  I want the turquoise pair too.  I am debating whether I should go back and get them.  So cute!  And they have a bunch of stuff for 70% off.  I got 1 solid color maxi dresses for $20 and a pair of shorts for $9 and a skirt for about $9.  Gotta love a good sale!

By the way, I saw these awesome nail polish at Forever 21 today.  There's one that looks like the Deborah Lippman Today was a Fairytail and one that looks like a Rock Star blue and pink glitter polish that I have.  It's a pretty awesome set for $10.  If my mom didn't yell at me about the health hazards of nail polish last night, I probably would've bought it.  Mom, I get it.  It's not too good for my body (fumes, toxins, etc) but it's so pretty!  And that's why I buy Zoya nail polishes :)

Ok, soooo, I was good and returned stuff from my previous F21 haul.  But, I am bad because I have $500 worth of beads at various supplies stores and masks and skincare on  Ooo the shopaholic has broken out of the cage and is doing some serious damage to my wallet!

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InsideOut Elle said...

I really like the 2nd dress! Your taste in onepiece type dresses is so up my alley...*sigh* I'm still longing for something like that modcloth visions in blue dress~

I got a nice pair of strappy sandals at Kohl's for $8 last weekend! They're total dupes of the sandals from Ann Taylor's s/s 2010 collection but at 1/4 the price ehehe.

And same here! I don't know if it's the weather or what but I keep feeling that shopping itch -___- I just made a little haul from BonjourHK and I've been buying a lot of summer work clothes (The Limited has been having great sales). What did you get at Sasa!?

oh btw - I'm volunteering at the Animal shelter in Fairfax! I'm in the cat room most of the time ^^;; but there are some adorable dogs that we're taking care of right now~ now havanese tho (which is a good thing I guess ^^).

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