Friday, May 20, 2011

~ Awesome Chinese Food at Imperial Inn at Atlantic City ~

I recently took a mini vacation at Atlantic City and one night we went to this dingy little Chinese restaurant called Hong Kong house.  Seriously, it was a hole in the wall and dim and not that pleasant looking.  The food was ok though.  So, I was a little bit nervous when my companions suggested another Chinese restaurant.  Thank goodness this place was awesome!  It's called Imperial Inn, a couple of blocks away from Tropicana.  Let's start with the food pictures!  We got the 4-people dinner which starts off with Mustard Greens, Salted Egg and Pork soup.  Very tasty except the mustard leaves were very bitter.  But the bitterness didn't come out in the soup so that was tasty!

 This is pig tongue and pig stomach boiled in a soy sauce mix.  I actually like pig tongue a lot.  My dad makes soup with it and it's so tender and yummy!

This is Pepper and Salt Fried Pork Chops.  Also very tender and flavorful.

Black Pepper Fish on Skillet... so very good!  I usually don't like to eat fish (except for sushi) but this was so good!  I want some just looking at it now.

This is chicken, actually it's half of a chicken with bone and everything, which is the authentic way to eat a chicken.  The chicken was very flavorful and tender.  I was quite surprised because this dish is actually hard to make well.

Vermicelli and Vegetable and Dried Shrimp ... casserole?  Is that the right description?  Also very flavorful and the dried shrimps were very good.  I have had dried shrimp before where it's just rubbery and bland.  But these were good!

There was even free dessert!  I think it's called mung beads in English.  In Chinese, it's just "green beans".  It's very good for you.  It's common knowledge that mung beads are very good for acne.  which is great for me because I have been breaking out like mad. 

Definitely need to return to Imperial Inn next time I go to Atlantic City.  It was so bright and pretty inside and the food was awesome.  And the price wasn't bad at all.  I think it came out to be less than $100 for all that food, which fed 6 adults and 2 kids.  It sure beats all the typical chain restaurants scattered throughout the area!


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I used to do mung bean masks in my acne days ^_^ eheheh I would mix mung beans with yakulet (yogurt drink) and it worked pretty well I think :)

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