Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~ Viva La Violette ~

When I first started on Etsy, I entered into the world of handmade, blogging and giveaways.  One of the first thing I won from a giveaway were beautiful cards from Viva La Violette.  I loved her packaging and her branding.  Violet is such a sweet lady too!  She is a wonderful customer and I made these pretty pandora pendants.

Now, her brand has grown and she has her own website and blog!  And she has expanded into blogger and word press designs.  Her work is great!  I am tempted to have her redesign my blog.

I just love her style and when she started putting ads on her blog,  I decided to do my first ad with her.  That's why I made these ads. 

She is so sweet that she even wrote a feature on her blog about Happy Cloud Moments!  So, if you wants to put out an ad, or if you need to redesign your blog or if you need cards, check out her website!  Isn't this card cute too?

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