Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ Dog Park with Momo and New Blog ~

I went to a nice dog park over the weekend with Momo to meet up with our friend Mac the Shiba Inu.  They had a lot of fun and after taking hundreds of pictures of them running around, I finally got a great one.  It's not that clear but still pretty awesome.

Dogs are so funny! :)  Anyway, I have started a new blog about Momo and his cousins, Miko and Milo on Wordpress.  It's called Mimolo, which is a combination of their names.  My brother (whenever he is not playing Starcraft or sleeping) and I will be writing about our lives with our precious Havanese fur babies.  So, from now on, I will write full blog posts about Momo over there and just mention them here.  To see more pictures of Momo and Mac at the dog park, click here.

A side note about Wordpress...  I like it.  I think the editor is so much better than this sucky blogger one.  However, I don't like how limited the widgets are because I am not hosting the blog myself.  That really sucks.  I want to add Google Friend Connect, but I can't because Wordpress doesn't allow javascript in the widgets if they are hosting the blog.  Maybe I should set up hosting at DreamHost afterall...


Violet said...

I have GFC in one of my wordpress widget areas.. Are you using wordpress.com? It is so fantastic compared to blogger!

Joyce said...

i m using wordpress.com. the problem is that wordpress won't let you put in anything with javascript if your blog is hosted by them. i am going to move it to another host soon :)

wordpress is so much better than blogger :)

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