Monday, November 15, 2010

~ Lush Chrysanthenums at Brookside Gardens ~

This past weekend, we had beautiful weather!  I am so glad my friends and I planned a trip to Brookside Gardens to see the Chrysanthenums.  It was my first time at Brookside and it was great!  Not very hard to find, plenty of parking and just beautiful!  The sky was so blue and all the color leaves are just so pretty.

Loves these bright red trees!!  I need to go take more pics of the red leaves before they all fall off!

So the chrysanthenums are in the observatory.  It's surprisingly small.... for some reason, I was imagining all the flowers being outside, in a huge space.  But, it was only a small green house.

But, there are a lot of pretty flowers inside!!  I walked around the entire place 3 times and every time I see something new.

Of course, I took lots of pictures.  I really wish I have a macro lens but my hands probably shake too much for a lens like that.  Sadness....Anyway, here are a few of my favorites.  This one looks really soft and romantic to me.  Very .... wistful.

I never realized these flowers are made out of all these little flowers!  They are so adorable!!

These are so fluffy and big!  It's like the size of a slightly flattened soccer.  They look like pillows to me.  I just wanted to touch them!

This one is just....weird......

Such pretty colors......  So warm and sweet.  

I like these a lot too.  They are like little stars.  

I want to take my mom here.  She loves flowers and she'll love to see so many pretty ones.  She also loves taking pictures so this will be a perfect outing for her.  There's also a little succulents section in the observatory that she'll love.  Too bad she rather go to Vegas than come visit me.  And yes, this is my passive aggressive way of telling her that she sucks!  Just kidding.....I love my mom!

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InsideOut Elle said...

I love these macro shots of the flowers ^_^

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