Saturday, November 13, 2010

~ Plump Strawberry Bells in Etsy Finds ~

I was supposed to go on a short hike today, but we were feeling ambitious and a 2 hour hike became a 4 hour hike.  It didn't help that we got a little bit lost too.  I would love to post more hiking pictures, but I forgot to put memory card in my camera!  Epic fail!  But, there is good news!  My strawberry enamel bells are in the Etsy Finds email!

What a fabulous edition of the Etsy Finds!  There are so many awesome items and I just love all the holiday colors!  I specially love all these minty fresh green items.

So far, I have sold 5 packages of these bells and Google Analytics show 794 visits from Email!  That's about 10x the number of visits my shop gets on a regular day!  So awesome!  I am running low on these bells though.  They are a very popular item even before today.  I only have about 6 packages left.  Let's see if they will sell out this weekend!

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