Saturday, November 6, 2010

~ Still Searching for the Perfect Picture ~

I have changed the photo style of my etsy jewelry shop quite a few times in the past.  In general, I have tried white backgrounds and many different props and the newest dark brown background.  For white backgrounds, I feel that the lighter colors look too washed out and the crystals just don't pop unless they are a bright color.

Dark grey looks good, but I think it's too dark.  But I like this cool shade.

 I tried this brown patterned paper and I like it, but I have gotten various comments that it's too dark or the color is weird or that the color doesn't match my jewelry's style.

I like the brown and this yellow green pot.  This picture even got into craftgawker!!  But my husband said it's weird looking.

So, I tried something else yesterday.  I finally broke down and got a sheet of textured gray paper.  That seems to be the standard neutral background for a lot of jewelry shops.  This is very neutral and looks nice.  Though it doesn't help with branding because it's too common.

For branding purposes, I tried a blue sky and white cloud background too, but it seems too childish.

So, I think it's either the brown one or the gray one. Here's the brown one with this bracelet.  I think the brown just gives it more character.

 Just for completeness, here's the bracelet on a plain white background.  Too bland right?

I really need to stop obsessing over this and just pick one!  Gray or brown, gray or brown??

1 comment:

Kittin said...

i liked the dark grey one
the cloud one is a bit childish but it matches your brand perfectly.
the lights did wash out the colors a bit, but u could do a white and then a black on etsy for comparison
hope that helps =]

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