Sunday, November 7, 2010

~ New Swarovski Crystal Jewelry for November ~

Can't believe it's November already!!  I finally found some time to make jewelry this weekend and I had a blast!!!  I have been meaning to make another Stardust bracelet for sometime now in soft vintage colors.  I think I am going to call this one "Vintage Lace".  It has some topaz, Provence lavender, and other dreamy colors!  It looks awesome with a sweater and jeans.

I also made a pair of matching earrings.  It has one big star on the bottom and 2 small stars in the cluster.  Very pretty if I may say so myself.
I started playing with the new Swarovski crystal Wild Heart pendants and made these dainty little earrings and simple necklaces.  The orange/yellow one is the new color called Sunflower!

Here are more creations made with the new Swarovski 2011/2012 Winter Collection new addition.  First, a beautiful pendant made with a Swarovski crystal filigree and the new pear pendants.

Next is a simple and dainty necklace made with the new clover bead.  This one is only 8mm compared to the 12mm beads I use for the star necklaces.  It's only 15 inches and will look awesome as a simple necklace for dress shirts. 

This is the new Helios pendant!  I tied it on a silver chain.  Simple and beautiful!

Winter is coming so I made this special snowflake necklace with the prettiest sterling silver bail I have every seen!  I used a double chain because it feels more like light and fluffy snow.

Finally, a pair of stunning earrings with a Swarovski crystal filigree, crystal heart pendant and dangly chains.  Chains are so trendy right now!

I will be listing these in my shop soon!  Can't wait?  Just send me a message and I will set up a listing for you right away!  By the way, I decided to use the brown background color because my husband said it looks good and he has great taste! :)


InsideOut Elle said...

wow, these really beautiful, you really outdid yourself with this batch ^^ And you're the first one I've seen actually working with the Sunflower color~ it looks more amber than yellow tho ^^ I think my favorites are the stardust earrings and that gorgeous filigree earrings with chains.

Coco said...

Love your jewelry, and awesome photography as well!

Joyce said...

Thank you so much for the kind compliments!

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