Monday, November 8, 2010

~ Hiking the Orange Trail at Sugarloaf Mountain ~

It's been getting pretty cold, but not cold enough stay away from the falling leaves and fun trails.  This time, it was Sugarloaf Mountain again, but the orange trail instead of the blue trail.  We parked at the East parking lot and the view is already very nice! 

Orange trail starts from the East parking lot and is very short, but very steep!  We met some people on our way up who couldn't make it down!  On the way up, we saw many pretty mosses and leaves!

Check out these leaves!  I have never seen leaves that have splotches of yellow like this.

There were a lot of funny looking mushrooms too!  I think these look like roses.

I guess it's not too cold for new growths though.  It's so strange that little seedlings are still growing in November!

We ended up at the peak through the red trail.  Look how pretty the view was! Except for that factory in the back.  I didn't even know there are factories around here!

We took the shortest way back through the green trail.  It's so rocky that it's mostly stairs!  There are a lot of rocks and crevices that I can hide Momo in.

I saw some people trying to climb rocks like these.  Craziness!!

After the hike, it felt good to lie around and enjoy the breeze.  Momo wanted to keep going thought. 

Check out this pretty tree I found in my neighborhood after the hike!  So pretty!  Love the gradient colors.  Gotta hike more now before it gets really cold!


The Beading Gem said...

Great hiking pictures! I used to do a lot of hiking when I lived out West. There they climb not only vertical cliffs but frozen waterfalls! Pearl

Joyce said...

waterfalls??? that sounds scary!

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