Sunday, May 3, 2009

~ Steamed Buffalo Wings ~

Buffalo wings are so good! But, it's fried, so it's not good for me. My dad decided that maybe he can make it healthier by steaming the wings or pan-frying instead. First he marinated the wings in Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce, available in most grocery stores and Costco.

Then, he put some oil and pan-fried the wings. The next batch, he put the wings on the plate and steamed them. Both ends up with more sauce on top. Somehow they ended up looking the same though.



And, they basically taste the same. Is it as good as fried wings? No, but it's close enough for me. Both lacks that crunchiness for fried wings but they are definitely juicier. Some wings places fry the wings too much and it gets all dry.

In conclusion, if you want to eat healthy buffalo wings, you can try steaming on pan-frying them. Yum, looking at the pictures make me hungry!!


pxyjk said...

If he really wants to spoil you he could try baking them and then pan-frying to help with the crispiness.

Beth said...

Awwwww. What a nice dad!

~*Neuromancer*~ said...

Frank's Hot Sauce ROCKS!

Just a tip- if you really want the sauce to seep in and stick to the chicken wings, mix about a tablespoon of real butter in to the sauce before slathering it on the chicken wings!

I'm definitely going to try the steamed recipe! I love wings, but I certainly DON'T like what they do to my waistline!

Joyce said...

lol the butter will negate the steaming though ... i'll let me dad know :)

~*Neuromancer*~ said...

Well... It's just a LITTLE bit!!!

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