Monday, May 25, 2009

~ Paradise Trilogy: Part 2 ~

Day 3:
Day 3 was a rainy day. We had to check in to our resort and it was beautiful!!! We got a 2 bedroom suite and we ended up at the "Pent House" floor. The view was gorgeous. We could see the pool and the beach.

After we settled in, it was time for lunch at the Conch Shack by the beach. Conch is a local specialty. At the Conch Shack, the employees grab the conch from the waters right in front of you. They even let you go get one yourself if you like. It was raining though so we thought we wouldn't get to do that.

After we ate though, the rain let up and a few of us went into the water with the guy who went in to harvest the conch. It's cool! There are so many there! He didn't even really had to go underwater, because it was very shallow.

Then, he showed us how to hammer a hole into the shell, stick a knife in there to detach the creature from the shell and yank it out. He also showed us the "penis". It's this clear, noodle thing that you can eat right then and there. And he did eat it. So did a few of my friends. Ewwww yeah. I wasn't brave enough to try it.

From the Conch Shack, we were each allowed to take 2 conch shells from the property. They have a boat full of them in the parking lot. My dad took 10. There were enough of us, but no one but him wanted some. Well, I guess I wanted a couple too :) They are very pretty.

We were afraid there will be nothing left to do since it was raining. But, it stopped so we headed to the beach and did some snorkeling. It was my first time and it was so much fun!!! I was completely in awe. My dad used to have a thriving salt water fish tank, so reef fish and corals are not strangers to me. But it is different because of the sheer number of corals and fishes there were down there! I wish I took pictures...but I was too busy looking at the stuff. See the dark patches in the water? There are fish there!

Relaxing day, ended with a relaxing dinner at the restaurant at the resort. The food was decent. Nothing spectacular again, but we were eating close to the beach.

Day 4
The next day, we went snorkling again. This time with more people. I actually went around the reef with my fiance holding hands. It was romantic... to me anyway. He said it was "aite". He told me he saw a sting ray but I totally missed it. Then, it was chilling at the pool, drinking at the pool bar and more relaxing. I was surprised that we were basically the only ones there.

We headed back to my brother's villa for a bbq later on that night. When the tide was going out, we all went outside to check out the beach. The sand was so unbelievably soft!

Am I artistic or what? hehe

Clear water :)

I think my mom likes us together... she was dancing 'cause she was so happy right?

We found a few of awesome sea creatures again. Is this edible?? I dunno, there was only one, so we let it go :)

Have no idea what this is....

If only they have crabs there, the bbq would've been perfect. But, it was great. We had fresh mango and conch salad. Where are pictures of the food you ask? Well, we were all too busy eating to take pictures. :)

Exciting stuff right? Getting sick of my bragging yet? Watch for the last part of the trilogy tomorrow! The actual wedding!

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