Thursday, May 28, 2009

~ My Treasury: Happy Baby Girl ~

One of my good friends just had a baby girl and another friend is having a baby girl in september.  I am so excited to finally have an excuse to buy some baby girl things!  So cute :)  Here are some of my favorites so far.  What do you think?  

And yes, I am want to get yellow things for the baby girls.  They are like sunshine!


Licia said...

Hm.. I think you should get them all. I started thinkin gou! The stars are adorable, then the booties caught my eye cause they are such cute little chicks! and I was like ooooh! I have seen those quilled cards in my browsing... and the mobile is way cool, so really, just give in and get them all :)

Joyce said...

lol licia! i wish i can get them all! maybe i'll narrow down to 3 things....for each baby girl :D

Anonymous said...

get the shoes!! sooooo cute!

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