Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ Paradise Trilogy: Part 1 ~, pictures, pictures!

I went to Turks and Caicos for my brother's wedding. We were there for a glorious 6 days and 5 nights. I was so excited that I really did not sleep at all the night before! Got on the plane and before I knew it, we were landing.....

Day 1
My brother rented a villa so we stayed with him for a couple of nights. We got there and it was gorgeous! He said it isn't even the best one, but he had to get that one 'cause it allows dogs. So, before I even looked at every room, my fiance was already in the pool.

My fiance was running around, letting the dogs chase him and before we knew what was going on, one of them fell in. It was so funny! They have never been in water, but we found out that both of them swim very well.

There are shells everywhere!

The favorite room in the villa is my brother's room. It has a beautiful canopy bed, a deck with a hammock, an outdoor shower and it's just so airy! I love airy rooms.

Then, we just walked off the deck and onto the beach! Look how blue it is!

That night, we went to eat at a resort restaurant that was right next to the beach. We tried some island specialty called the Conch Salad and Conch Chowder. Not my favorite, but it was just great to be eating, laughing with family and friends and listening to the waves. My dad tried the local beer too. He said it's great.

Day 2
The next day is basically all beach and food. Yes, this is a lot of pictures of me. My brother was testing his new camera.

The boys decided to explore the beach and found some interesting creatures.

Don't worry...that was dead before we got there.

Ok, enough pictures for now. Much more to come in the trilogy!


Steph said...

Great pics Joyce! so jealous, I've been any where in the Caribbean!

I've given you a blog award, you can check it out here:

I'm still gushing about your photos! lol

The Beading Gem said...

Paradise indeed, Joyce! You have no idea what glorious pictures like this does to a Canadian far from the tropics! Pearl

Licia said...

OMG, the villa is just outstanding! Just my style and we are in the process of doing that with our house ;) What a great location! and a poooollll.

Lovin the photos :)

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