Thursday, May 21, 2009

~ Sneak Attack: Cute and Cuter ~

Ok, it's time for another sneak attack! I know I am supposed to show you pictures of my vacation, but.... things just got in the way and today there's something more important to blog about! It's sneak attack time!

This attack started off at 3pm today, just so our friends across the atlantic can easily participate. So, of course, I picked shops that ship everywhere. Today, I picked two (IMHO) very cute shops. I was very excited to have found them.

First there's cute little magnets and clips from HollieLollie. Very cute stuff! I think every little (and big) girl would like something from this shop. I got this little clipboard and also one in green.

Then, some toys from adolina. There's something that's irresistable about pocket gnomes...

And these are just adorable!

I hope you like these shops and support them either by making purchases or just spreading the word about the attack. Join us on the Etsy forum thread if you have a few minutes. HollieLollie actually stopped by the thread already and expressed her thanks. Always wonderful to hear from the victim :)


Christine said...

What adorable shops! I missed the SA yesterday but I hearted both shops so I can come back later. Great finds! :)

♥ xtine

EverImprovingMe said...

I loved them. I got the magnets but im still thinking of buying a pocket gnome.. i think i just need one.. *smiles*

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