Thursday, May 7, 2009

~ Getting Ready for Caicos and Turks ~

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very very very very excited!  I will be going to the Caicos and Turks Island for my brother's wedding next week.  I love beaches!!  

My brother actually proposed to his fiance there last year and they are getting  married on the same day this year.  Isn't that sweet?  I am glad they decided to do a destination wedding so I can have an excuse to go there :)  I am just looking up what I can do there and so far, here's what I found...

Scuba Diving/Snorkling
My brother already arranged a diving trip for us.  I am considering doing some extra snorkling too.  But, I need to go get the gears.  The hotel has some, but according to my brother, they are nasty.  Here are some pictures my brother took last year:

Lounge around a beach
hmm of course.  I need to get a new swim suit and sun screen!  I was burnt a lil bit last time I went to the zoo :(  I am still peeling so I need to really put lots of sun screen on.  But maybe I can just stay under the shades...

Look how clear the water is.  Ignore my brother's foot.

I wish I am there right now....

Whale tours
There seem to be lots of tours offered on the islands.  I saw ones for whales.  That would be fun.

Wow they have a casino!  Yes, I must sneak away from my mom to go.  She says it's bad for me, but ..... it's not like I go all the time...right?

Middle Caicos Caves
This sounds pretty good.....
Middle Caicos is home to an impressive chain of limestone caves (the largest in the Caribbean) and the steep, breathtaking limestone cliffside of Mudjidin Beach. These natural wonders are subjects of many photos and must-see attractions when visiting Middle. After exploring the caves you can have lunch on the beach and then end your day with snorkeling for sand dollars.
Excursions to Middle Caicos are available through Dolphin Tours and Silver Deep.

I am sure there are plenty more activities.  The down side is.... I won't be blogging till I come back.  I have to get ready for the trip and hand Momo off to his sitter.  But I will take lots of pictures and bring back inspirations for my shop.  Good bye,  my readers!  I will be a week or so.


~*Neuromancer*~ said...

Have fun!

And congratulations to your brother!!

Pretty Paris said...

Ughhhh..I am JEALOUS!! Have a great time ;)

Elephunk said...

congratulations to your brother! And wow oh wow does that place sound awesome!

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