Friday, May 29, 2009

~ First Time on Etsy Front Page ~

I can't believe it! I just got up and this is way early for me 'cause I am a little sick and went to bed early. Then, I got a convo from Beegrl88 that says I was on the frontpage at 2:30am! The one night I went to sleep early, I missed my first front page debut.  It's ok though.  If I saw that live, I wouldn't have been able to sleep afterwards.

Thanks BINAGEYER for  putting together this wonderful treasury!


Lori said...

It is beautiful!!!

Alina said...

Wow...I love all the green it is beautiful.

Montagyoo said...

Congratulations! Beautiful! Still waiting for my deubt. ;)

ecogeneration said...

I was on FP once before and it happened around 11:30 PM. Normally, I would be in bed by then, but I was up late that night and checked Etsy out of boredom. What a luck! I saw my upcycled brooch on front page and I was so shocked and excited. So I know the feeling.

I hope you'll experience that feeling more often in the future.


bkdsignature said...

I was up doing my final paper. :) And I was like, I know that person!

I saved it as a WebArchive to my Mac desktop. If anyone knows how I can convert it to send it to HCM, that would be great!

Joyce said...


you are so sweet! i have a mac too....i think i know what a webarchive is...just html and images right? I think there's a place on flickr that has it too ... i just never remember where it is :)

mamacateyes said...

How fabulous! Congrats!

Emmy said...

congrats!!! that's got to be so exciting, i don't think i could have slept afterwards either :-)

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