Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Coveting... Irregular Choice Spring and Summer Collection ~

Seriously need to post my dining experience from San Diego, but I've been busy doing some major spring cleaning! After putting away 6 boxes of stuff for donation/yard sale, I am not in the mood to shop. So, I am just coveting these beautiful shoes from Irregular Choice! Warning: this is a pic heavy post!

This one is called "Can't touch this"  I love the subtle pattern on the shoe and the transparent heel and the flowers!!

"Face It" flats.  Love the floral fabric detail.

"Longer Lashes" looks very comfortable.  Very cute!

"Mirror Mirror" is like space cowboy boots!  I can see Faye Valentine with a pair of these!

How cool are these "Oriento Sun So"?  It will look great with a Lolita Dress!  

"Specialzo"  looks pretty special.  I image a simple black dress with these stunning shoes.  I wonder if I can just make a fabric flower like this and strap it to my black shoes.

Another pair of shoes for Lolita outfits.  They also have it in black.  This one is called Tea and Cakes.

This one is just so fun.  Love the color and bamboo on the wedge.  This one is called Zohan.

These two are "Duke the Second" and "Duke".  I rarely like flats but these are so cute!

This one is "Cortesan Floral Bar".  I love the scallop edges!  So cute!!  And this looks so wearable!  The heel is not bad at all and I love the turquoise pattern inside the shoe.

I really, really love this pair!  It's called "Sweety Bird" and it comes in many colors.  But my favorite is white.  The design is so out exaggerated already that the white brings it back a notch.

They have accessories and dresses too!  I like this "Lola Frame Bag".  I just love bows.

I also like this "Drawstring Senorita Dress".  It looks like a fun and comfy dress.

Irregular Choice has such fun shoes!!  I also love their website because it does all this animation without Flash.  Awesome.  It maybe a little overwhelming, but it fits their style perfectly.  I have never heard of them before today.  Looks like it is a British brand that started in 1999. has some of their older styles in stock. has the newer ones, but is very limited with selection.  However, there is a Eversave deal going on right now that will save you $20.  Still pretty expensive though.  Their shoes average $150 a pair.  I am glad I am not in a shopping mood, otherwise my wallet will be in trouble.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~ Little Spring Flowers ~

It was so warm this past week and some of the spring flowers are blooming!  My neighbors have these pretty bright yellow daffodils and they are so pretty.  This little one is all by its lonesome in the corner though. 

I love water beads on flowers! So pretty!

These are my very malnourished hyacinths.  Aren't they sad?  I planted them along the steps to my house and I had grand visions of pretty hyacinths along the steps.  But, I didn't account for the rocky soil next to the cement.  

Poor thing.  I think a regular hyacinth has 4x the number of flowers on a stalk.  I really need to fertilize!!

Too bad it's getting really cold again this week.  I hope the rest of the flowers survive this cold and bloom for my mom when she comes!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~ St Patrick's Day With Zoya Ivanka and OPI Glow Up Already ~

I ended up doing my nails! I am sad to take off Crystal Fairy Tale, but it's St Patrick's Day! I must celebrate with some green and gold! So, here it is! 2 coats Zoya Ivanka with a little bit of OPI Glow Up Already at the tips, topped with Seche Vite as always.

This is like the opposite of my Edyta and Glow Up Already that I did a while ago.  I think the gold glitter looks more noticeable on Edyta.  This looks good too though.  Ivanka is a very pretty green!  So glittery!  Does it look like I dipped my hand in the pot of gold?

Anyway, have a great St Patrick's Day!  I am just gonna be working and working tomorrow.  I will wear a clover bracelet though.  That's the extent of my celebration.  There's so much to do!  I will try to post about all the food I ate in San Diego soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ Zoya Rea and Crystal Fairy Tale ~

Just got back from vacay yesterday and I already feel like I need another one! So, a simple post before the onslaught of food posts from the vacation :)  Here is Zoya Rea.  From Zoya's website, Rea is "A silvery, taupe-kissed mauve-purple in a metallic foil shimmer finish. An edgy purple steel shade that's unexpectedly gorgeous."  To me, it looks like Swarovski crystal's Amethyst color.  It's very wearable and great for a little color in the office.  It's more muted than I imagined though.  Very opague and 2 coats is perfect.

I put these spongy flower stickers on and they look cute!  But they didn't last very long.  After 3 days, some petals on my right hand started to peel off.  They are thick too and feels funny sometimes.  

As an added bonus, here's what my nails looked like for vacation!  I took this after I came back so it's been a week!  No chips and just slightly worn at the edges.  This is 2 coats of Zoya Crystal, 1 coat of Deborah Lippman Today Was a Fairy Tale and 1 coat of Seche Vite.  I call this Crystal Fairy Tale :D

Yes, Zoya Crystal is glittery but who doesn't want more glitter!  I am just obsessed with Deborah Lippman polish right now and that's not good!  $20 a bottle is crazy but they are so pretty!

Going to try to do something green tonight for St Patty's Day tomorrow.  I may get too lazy though because my Crystal Fairy Tale nails are still looking pretty good.  But Ivanka is calling my name!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ Review ~

My order is finally here!!  It took a little more than a week to get here and it seemed so long because I was so excited about it!  So, as soon as I got home today, I tore open the box and tried everything on!  I didn't have time to take pictures but here's a quick review on everything.

Ah.... the Yellow-So-Cute-Coat.  It's worth the $24!  I got medium, and usually I wear a small.  It fits well on me but I wish it's a little more form fitting.

The Serpentine Way Dress is also very nice.  The material is soft and solid.  The length is good for my 5' 7'' frame.  The belt seems a little bit cheap though but it's very nicely attached to the dress.

Vision of Blue Dress is very pretty.  I love it!!!  Except it's too short :(  I am so sad!!  Can someone please take it off my hands?

Again, very pretty, but too short!  Sadly, it smelled funny too!  So I hoped on to and the live chat and told the support person about it.  She promptly made a note about the issue so I can return the dress even though it's final sale.  I must say that their customer service is excellent!

This one, I am waiting for my mom to try on.  The fur is very soft though!

This "Cloud Coverage Dress" is really short again.  I think I should give it to my cousin.  I think she'll look very cute in it.  The white material is like satin, not what I expected. 

This "Poppy Go Lightly Dress"  is very pretty!  I love the unique style and it looks cute on me.  Except again, that it's too short!  I think there's something wrong with my body.  How can all these dresses be too short on me!  Also, it's super, super thin.  You will definitely need to wear something underneath it.  So... this one is going back too.

Overall, I am only keeping 2 out of the 7 items, returning 2, and hoping to my mom will like one and my cousin will like the other and someone else will like the Vision of Blue dress.  This reminds me that I can not buy any dress shorter than 36".  Good thing it's free to return these!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ Hello Kitty Mah Jong Set ~

Do you know what Mah Jong is?  It's a Chinese game with tiles, similar to Gin.  I love to play and I own a cute little purple glitter set.  But, it is simply not as cute as this set!  It even comes with a silver metal case to hold everything!

Everything is so cute and pink!  it comes with a felt mat to play on too!

Check out the dice!

There's a yellow/gold gitter hello kitty set on ebay but it's super expensive!!!  I want it but ... I don't need it.  I don't even play that much.  I'll just have to go play with my friends whenever I need a dose of Hello Kitty cuteness and mah jong :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

~ Instant Noodles Review: SamYang Beef Flavor ~

It may seem weird, but I love instant noodles. There are so many brand and so many yummy flavors!! And it's quick and easy! But, I don't just cook the noodles, I add stuff to it... whatever I can find in the fridge.  Here's one for breakfast the other day.  It's SamYang Beef Flavor noodles with little sausages, a fried egg and lettuce.  It's kind of healthy right?

This is the bag.  It's bright orange so it's easy to find.  It's a Korean brand and you can get it at most korean grocery stores. 

This is what's in the bag... noodles with 1 bag of seasoning and 1 bag of dried seaweed.

I don't think it has MSG.  It has sodium 5'-gumylate and sodium 5'-inosanate which are natural flavor enchancers and not MSG. 

I still don't use the whole bag of the powder though. Just look at this sodium content!  100% of your daily intake!  I find that about 1/2 a bag is enough for me, but I usually don't mind mild flavors.  Besides, the other items I put in the noodles will help with the flavoring.  Saturated fat content is also pretty high at 8g.  Note that these numbers are 2x what you see in the table in the picture.  That's because 1 bag of noodles has 2 servings and it's only showing you 1 serving.  Sneaky!!

Not the healthiest lunch but it's probably not as bad as fast food and it's quick.  Just put more veggies in!  And I realize that the sausages don't help with the salt content, but I like some meat with my noodles :)  SamYang noodles have a great consistency and the soup is decent.  Nothing spectacular but good enough to stock up when it's on sale.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ New Colors for Swarovski Crystal Star Necklaces ~

I got these beads a few months ago and I finally got time to make them into necklaces!  My star necklaces are one of the most popular items in Happy Cloud Moments.  So, here are the new colors...Black Diamond....

Bright blue aquamarine.... you know aquamarine is the birthstone for March right?  This will be a perfect little birthday gift!!

Here's another blue one... a solid deep blue called Sapphire.

Here's light siam, a bright red.

If light siam is too bright for you, here's Crystal Red Magma.  It's more muted but it's a very warm red.

This is a brand new color called Sunflower.  It's between light topaz and topaz in the scale of yellowness.

This is another yellow called Jonquil .... very light and soft.

I finally took a picture of all the colors!  21 colors for the big star and 3 more for smaller stars.  I can make the necklace with a small star for more daintiness.  I love how all the yellow colors look together!!  Which one is your favorite?
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