Saturday, June 4, 2011

~ Strawberry Picking at Butler's Orchard ~

Today was an awesome day!  The weather was just beautiful!  What better outdoor activities to do with kids than picking strawberries!  We headed to our neighborhood Butler's Orchard for some sweet and juicy strawberries.  I love these turquoise containers that they gave us!

These strawberry plants are very low to the ground.  You have to move the leaves away to find the ripe strawberries.

Sometimes, you may get lucky and find some nice strawberries just hanging out.  Unfortunately, I was to busy taking pictures of it and forgot to pick this one!

The strawberries are so juicy that the juices were just squirting out of my niece's mouth!  She couldn't stop eating them.

Some of them were super ripe and some of them are perfect in a couple of days.  Most of them are small, smaller than a standard meatball.  But the sweetness and juiciness makes up for the size!

We also stopped by the farmer's market and got some Strawberry Apple freeze.  It was too sweet for me though.  I rather have just the strawberries.  The strawberries are $2.29/lb, very reasonable price.  We will be going back again soon!


InsideOut Elle said...

omg thanks for posting this - my family is going to go next weekend (because of your pics actually ^^)! I'm glad you had such a good weekend :) And yeah, the weather has been so nice for the past 3 days ^_^!

Joyce said...

it's right by my house! my dad said to bring some salt water to rinse the strawberries if you plan on eating some while u r picking :)

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