Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~ My First Sasa.com Haul ~

I finally broke down a few weeks ago and bought masks and moisturizers from Sasa.com.  I was a good girl though.  I went from a cart with $250 worth of stuff down to $80.  Here's everything.  It's mostly ISQueen masks.  I really only "needed" the vitacream b12 but it's free shipping over $50... so naturally I had to look around.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the purchase.  Sasa.com is a slow website to me.  It took a while to look around.  The check out process was a little confusing and it took me a few tries to actually finish.  But, shipping was surprisingly quick!  It was only 2 weeks.  Everything was packaged securely and arrived in perfect condition...not even dents in the boxes!  I can't wait to try everything.  I use masks about twice a week so I estimate my complete masks collection will last me about 5 years.  Ok, I exaggerated.  It's really 3 years :)  I guess I better start doing more masks!

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InsideOut Elle said...

It's totally the opposite for me~ checkout process is speedy for me but ughh...shippign takes 2-3 MONTHS (last time). Usually it takes a month.

But I agree, their packaging is always nice and safe :) eeheh so many masks ;) and you got vitacreme!!

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