Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~ New Jewelry and Accessories Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean ~

This past weekend, pirates took over my living room. I never saw Pirates of the Caribbean III so I had a little Pirates of the Caribbean marathon to get myself ready for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  After seeing all those pirates, I got a little bit inspired to make some pirates-related items!  First, a pair of earrings...

These skulls are super sparkly and I love the muted blue tear drop crystals!  I added a little golden shadow in there for extra beachy sparkles!

Another skull item is this awesome purse hook.  I put this charm on a white pearl cabochon on this hook.  Have you ever used a purse hook?  These are awesome!

This is like the star fish on Bill Turner's face right?  Ok, not really.  This one is much much prettier!  I love it! Check it out in my shop here.

 I also have a little pirates theme going on at Happy Cloud Supplies with these skull charms, crown charms and skull key charms.  I threw in the flower because it's awesome.

Did you see the new Pirates of the Caribbean yet?  What kind of pirate DIY projects have you done?


Victoria said...

Awesome! I really love those skull earrings - I bet they'll go really fast. :) We saw the Pirates of the Caribbean on Saturday night, coincidentally after seeing some tall ships that had come for a festival in town - one of them had apparently been used as the Interceptor in the first Pirates movie! So that was our Pirate day. :) I liked the movie, I thought it was really funny although there were some things they left hanging that I'd wished they'd answered. Hope you enjoy it!!

InsideOut Elle said...

ahh those are very pirate-y :)! I didn't believe those purse hooks actually worked till I saw someone use it. I haven't gotten one yet (the one's on ebay are so cheap looking :( ) but the one's you have are lovely! the star one is so pretty!

I saw PoC 1-3...haven't seen the latest one though. Some people say it's really good ("revitalizing the whole franchise")...but some people said it was awful :\ I'll prolly wait till the DVD comes out since I want to own all of them anyway ^^

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