Monday, June 13, 2011

~ New at Happy Cloud Moments: Purse Hooks ~

Have you ever gone to a crowded restaurant and have no room to put your purse?  The floor is dirty and the chair has no room for it.  What to do?  Hang it under the table!

These hooks work on flat tables and can handle about 10 lbs.  I always carry one with me because it's small and so useful.

You may have seen ones that is completely round ones that don't wrap around the anchor.  These look like a lock.  

I put different charms on them just for a lil bling and a lil cuteness.  I think my favorite is this lady bug.

I also have some very girly ones like this crown and ballerina tutu.

You can hang these outside on your purse for easy access.  But, that mean more wear and tear on the hook.  Sometimes I hang it inside my purse for more security and so I can find it easily.  These are all available at Happy Cloud Moments.  Check them out!


InsideOut Elle said...

yep, I think this weekend would be good - any place cool in mind?

ashura said...

I like these hooks! Got one Hello Kitty one myself =)

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