Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~ Photography Practice: The Morbid Version ~

I have been super busy lately. Lots of exciting changes happening and lots of summer activities. So, today, just want to do a short post with pictures I have taken lately. It's a little morbid and not cute and cheerful like my usual pics.  Here they are... the flies trap....

My dad set this up because there were a lot of flies in our yard.  

This one was still alive....but for how long?

Then he throws them in our outdoor fish tank and the fish loves this extra food.  Yum....Flies BBQ.

But the flies are not enough apparently.  Either that or they just had a nasty fight.  It was still alive when we pulled it out.  We had to quickly put him out of his misery.

'Ok, 1 flower to counteract the morbidness.  When my lightroom exports, the pictures look too dark.  Anyone know why?


kvinh said...

What did you guys do to the fish? I hope you guys didn't eat it. =/

Joyce said...

My dad buried it in our yard next to the blooming lilies. At least he has a good resting place right?

Hello hello said...

ahhh that is depressing ><! and kind of creepy....

I do think bottlefish flies are rather pretty with their iridescent bodies but seeing them in clusters like that grosses me out x_X

And goodness...poor fish :(!!! His tail, nose and fins are all gone! I was watching river monsters a few days ago and I must say it reminds me of how vicious even fish can be -_- *sigh* I usually don't feel much sympathy for fish (if that makes any sense) but ahhh he looks like he is in so much pain :( :(

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