Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~ New Bling Bling Rhinestone Charms and More~

Rhinestone charms are quite popular in my supplies shop so I got a few new ones when I was in Hong Kong. Be warned that this post is picture heavy :)

First, I found this gorgeous crown. It's expensive though and I only got a few. It's actually flat on top but the bottom curves out so it's 5mm thick. I love these!

I got a few more crowns. Different princesses like different crowns right?

This is a pretty unique charm. It looks like a heart shaped lock and the back is brushed metal. It's puffy!

The blingest cross I have ever seen.

Is this too boyish? Girls like cars too right?

Everyone loves stars!

A little comb.....

For the rocker girls!

For the dog lovers! This will go well with the puppy and bone charms I have in my shop already.

Mickey Mouse?

Hot red lips!

I also got some enamel charms because they are so darn cute! Look at these little dresses!

Mickey Mouse hands?

Little booties. These look like the ones I ordered from before.

These charms are less bling, but still very cute. This is a real mirror on both sides. On one side there are rhinestones around the mirror.

Bling Bling Eiffel tower.

How about a little purse with colored rhinestones inside?

Lastly, the cutest, juiciest strawberry bells ever!

I will be listing these starting tonight. If there's anything you want right away, let me know and I will make a custom listing for you. There are still a bunch of girly enamel charms that I need to take pictures of next week. Those are even cuter!

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Anonymous said...

I found the boots the cutest! Like the tower, mirror and the purse too!

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