Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~ Hong Kong Shopping Haul Part I ~

3 weeks in Hong Kong and I finally pause the shopping and eating for a day to catch my breath. Hong Kong is really a shopping heaven. There's name brand stuff if that's what you are into. There's inexpensive clothes, jewelry, shoes, and so much more. It's impossible to take pictures of everything I've bought so here are a few pictures to show you :D

First there are millions of cosmetics stores like "ColorMix", "Angel", "Sasa" that line every street here. Korean, Japanese, American, and European brands are available. Any color eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick, creams for all your skin issues and so much more crammed into every available shelf space here.

Jewelry stores are also abundant. These wings are one of my new favorites.

A few of my friends asked me to buy some jewelry for them so when I was in Guang Zhou and Shen Zhen, I grabbed a bunch. In Guang Zhou, I was able to shop at wholesale stores. These earrings are between $2-$3 each pair.

I think rhinestones are very popular this year. Everything from mouse for your computer to earrings to hair clips are encrusted in crystals and rhinestones.

I intended to get supplies from wholesalers in Guang Zhou for my supplies store. I ended up getting other stuff like umbrellas and these nail stickers. They are so cute! I got close to 200 sheets! I think I need to sell some when I get home. I can never use that many.

Also got a few of these to tie up all

This is me, sitting in front of a underwear stand, waiting for my aunt to finish bargaining. About $15 for 5 bras. I would take pictures of other places, but I was too busy bargaining myself. I will take more when I go tomorrow.

In Hong Kong, even candy is more fun to buy! Look how cute these are!

Ok, that's all I have for now. I haven't really started my clothes shopping yet...just like 5 semi-formal dresses, 6 pairs of boots, a light jacket, and a few shirts. So much more I need to buy. I will write more soon!


Angela said...

=D wow so much shopping! sounds so fun.

The Beading Gem said...

I've only stopped over briefly at Kai Tat airport but even then I was astounded at how many shops there were there. It was hard to see the overhead signs at times!

Anonymous said...

wow...looks like you had so much fun! Everything is so colorful. Cheers to you!
I found you through the Craftomania toolbar!

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