Thursday, March 25, 2010

~ Momo is Back ~

While I was vacationing in Hong Kong, Momo was vacationing with Obi and his 4 human sisters. When I got back, I was told that Obi and the girls don't want Momo to leave. Since my house was a mess and I was a mess with the jet lag, I let Momo stay for another few days. He ended up being away from me for 6 weeks. Look how shaggy he got in 6 weeks!

I don't think he was happy to come home. I worked at home just so I could stay with him that day, but he was being mopey. I didn't really want to stay in the chair next to me while I worked. He kept wanting to go back into the crate. When I took him outside to play, he was being aloof.

Then, he just went back inside. I called to him and he just looked at me.

Then he came out a lil bit and went back inside.

I thought he was mad at me. He slept the whole day in the crate and didn't eat his regular food. He ate treats though. I think he misses Obi and the girls. Thankfully, the next day, he was pretty much back to his playful self. Going to groom him soon! More pictures to come!

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