Saturday, March 27, 2010

~ Hot Pot Hong Kong Restaurant Style ~

It's so cold today! What happened to Spring? This weather reminds me pot! When I was in Hong Kong, we had hot pot often. There's a restaurant that has 1/2 off everything after 9pm so it's an awesome deal. And bottles of coke and soda are 3 for $10HKD. That's only like $1.25 here. Restaurants here charges like $2 for a glass of coke!

So here are some of the things you can order for hot pot. This is thinly sliced beef.


This is one of the best hot pot ingredient ever. It's tofu skin wrapped into a loose cylinder. You just throw it into the pot and count to 3 and it's ready. Delicious!

These are like beef balls and shrimp balls and fish balls. The frozen ones you can get in Chinese grocery stores in America are all precooked. These are fresh. They are so fresh that the shrimp that's in the shrimp ball was probably still alive in the morning.

Of course, all kinds of veggies and mushrooms.

There are a lot more ingredients like seafood, clams, fish and a lot of other stuff. But, I think I lost some pictures :( Besides the ingredients, you also need to pick a soup base. They have super spicy one, chicken broth, pork bone soup, drunken chicken soup and chinese herbal soup. When the soup is boiling, it's time to add the food!

Then it's just a waiting game.

Besides awesome hot pot, there's also awesome dessert! This is my favorite red bean .... soup. Super delicious!

I really miss wish I could've hot pot today. But, I had good spicy Thai food instead. Pictures to come soon!


Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

This post made me hungry for Chinese, lol! And 1/2 off after 9pm?? My gosh that sounds like heaven!!


Amanda said...

I'm up for everything... Except the squid!
Something about tentacles... Even though I don't see any there.. Maybe I could be brave and try it... :D
Awesome pictures too! Now I'm hungry!!

Joyce said...

amanda do u eat calamari? that has tentacles but it's so yummy!

Tea said...

Oh looking at those photos is making me hungry. It's not even lunch time yet!

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