Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~ Hong Kong Shopping Haul: Boots ~

Hong Kong's weather is slightly warmer than DC. By the end of February, almost all the stores I saw had boots on clearance in anticipation of the spring sandals. I passed by this one tiny store and saw these awesome boots.

The sign says $899. I wanted them, but I am not paying that much for boots when I won't really get to wear that much till next fall. So, I commented to my mom that these were nice, but too expensive. Then the owner appeared out of nowhere and said that all the boots are $100 because of end of season clearance. As you can see, I bought them. I am sad to say that ... they don't fit me! I am a size 39 in European sizes. These are 38. When I was at the store, they felt snug, but I could walk in them. Now that I try them on again, they don't fit! They are very, very tight! How's that possible?

Good thing I got another pair with rhinestones. I am not crazy about the ones near the top, but I love the rhinestones on the heel.

Another pair of black boots...but these are very special! They are made from a super soft, suede material that hug my legs like tights. And they go up to my thighs. You can also fold it down so it's calf-high. The only thing I don't like is how pointy they is.

More rhinestones! These are brown and have ribbons on the back. So girly and pretty!

These boots are perfect. They fit well and they are comfy. Looks gray right?

It's really silver!

I think they are pretty good quality boots because they are lined with a very soft material on the inside. Boots from China are usually not even lined with anything and they cost about $79 to $99HKD. So, yeah, I spent an hour at that one store and got 5 pair of boots. Then, I told my aunts and they got a few pairs too. She got so many pairs that I had to bring them back for her because her suitcases were full. She got these nice brown soft suede boots. No fair. I don't remember seeing these.

During the 5 weeks I was in Hong Kong, I also bought another pair of casual brown boots to wear with skinny jeans, 2 pairs of gladiator sandals, a pair of "Juicy" sandals, some jeweled flipflops and a pair of red strappy heels. I think I have enough shoes for now. Don't let me see any deals with Endless.com and DSW please!!

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Kittynail said...

OMG all those boots are so lovely! I think the first pair was my favorite. Too bad they don't fit you :(

Anyways, Check out my blog too if you want! :)

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