Sunday, February 7, 2010

~ Swarovski Crystallized Elements 2010/2011 Spring Launch ~

Ok. Enough of snow already. It was all fun and pretty and exciting, till they announced another winter storm watch from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon. Snow is no longer pretty when it stands in the way between me and my trip to Hong Kong. *sigh*

So, to cheer myself up, I am going to share some exciting news with you. Earlier this week, I received an email from a supplier about the Swarovski 2010/2011 Spring launch. I was so excited! I usually like their spring launches more because of the light colors and elements. This year, they have very pretty, bright colors and organic shapes.

~ Colors ~
Provence Lavender
Supposedly, this is a pale purple shade with a hint of blue. I have looked at these pictures in 3 monitors and they still look blue to me.

Fern Green
This look like a green between bright peridot and dark ernite. It looks very rich. I like it

Lavender Pearls
Wow! I really like this one! Right now, Swarovski pearls only has a few shades of purple and none of them are very bright. This looks like a very pretty color.

~ Beads ~
Artemis 5540
I can see a lot of angels being made out of these beads. The bottom looks like it will fit round beads very well.
Wing 5590
I like the shape of these wing beads, but I am not sure I like where the hole is.

Square Bead with Double Holes
This one is pretty exciting. I like the shape a lot. I am imagining a lot of bracelets and necklaces with this bead! Rings too!

Baroque Pearl 5840
I am going to buy these in every color when this comes out!! I do like how all Swarovski pearls are perfectly round and it works out for a lot of designs. However, I feel that just round pearls can be boring. This baroque pearl is going to be very fun to play with!

~ Pendants ~
Three of the "new" pendants this year (ginko, lotus, and zinnia) are not really new. They debuted in Swarovski store last February as a designer collection called
‘Fantastic Flowers’ by AndrĂ©e Putman. But, finally, they are selling these as regular components, which means it is probably cheaper than before.

Ginko 6900
I love ginko leaves! These will make awesome pendants for necklaces.

Lotus 6908
These are very pretty too! I am imagining some very pretty necklaces with these.

I am not sure how I feel about zinnia. If you turn them around, it looks like a little fox.

I am surprised they pushed out another wing shape pendant so soon after the Pegasus pendant. This one has a softer shape and definitely looks more organic.

~ Miscellaneous ~
Filigree 62026
This is so pretty! It reminds me of Taj Mahal for some reason.

Filigree 62027
This is so pretty too! Looks just like a snow flake though. Won't it be better for the fall/winter launch? The 6 holes are just full of potential!

Cosmic Square Ring 4437
This is an interesting shape. I like how it's asymmetrical. Just get this and put it on a sterling silver chain and it'll be beautiful!

By the time I come back, most of the suppliers I use should have these in stock. I am excited!!!

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Angela said...

=D can't wait to see what new stuff you'll have

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