Wednesday, February 3, 2010

~ More and More Snow ~

Wow! I don't remember this much snow in Maryland since I moved here! After the 6 inches last week, it looks like we have another 3 inches today. It was so pretty when it was falling! Very dense and fluffy!

Look how much was coming down! Sorry about the blurry picture. I was shaking from the cold.

I love it when I can see the individual snow flakes!

Ok these were taken on Monday after our weekend snow storm. For some reason, the snow went through the gaps in my deck and created this pattern. It was so pretty but Momo was begging to go out. So, we let him destroy it. He wanted to go under the deck too. Bad Momo.

I love taking pictures of him flying! Look at all the snow he was kicking up!

Well, it was fun, but look how the snow melted and froze on his body! All these little clumps! I couldn't even take them out with my hands. I just had to wipe him down the best I could and wait for it to melt on its own.

After Momo's rampage....the orange thing is his toy.

Ok, here's a very short video. So funny! Can you guess what Momo is doing??

Ok, my dad wanted to take a video of Momo running around and instead he caught Momo pooping. After he pooped, he was sliding around like that a few times. My dad and I were both shocked! Turns out he had some poop stuck on his butt and he was trying to wipe it himself. He's so funny :)

Supposed to be another big storm coming this weekend. Just spectacular! 1 more week and I will be in Hong Kong, where it is currently 70 degrees. I just checked :)

Are you enjoying the snow?

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Licia said...

OMG how fun! Yer right... no spring at all there :) What a cute little goofball!

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