Friday, February 5, 2010

~ Snowmageddon 2010 Begins ~

People have been scared about this snow storm since Wednesday! Yesterday, people were rushing to the grocery store to get supplies. I have never seen the grocery store parking lots this full before. I woke up this morning to...nothing. I think around 12, it started snowing, but it was a light dust. It was dense, but the flakes were small. Nothing stuck. But, the snow flakes slowly and steadily gained volume and by around 3:30, it was starting to stick.

So, what to do on a snowy day? Take pictures of course! I forgot that I had a 50-200mm lens so I took that out for some fun.

I stayed inside the house and just zoomed in on everything! I really like this picture for some reason. This is a bike in my yard.

My poor jasmine plant....

Of course, Momo is having blast!!

By the time I uploaded the pictures to Facebook, another inch has fallen! So, I took more pictures :) It's incredible how the snow can stick and accumulate on such thin branches!

Look at how fast the snow is falling!

I think my jasmine plant's body is gonna fall over soon.

My neighbor used to have a little tent on their deck. During the last snow storm, the accumulated snow made it collapse and now it's just a skeleton in the yard.

I think these little plants are gonna collapse soon too!

Ok, the top picture was taken around 3:30pm. The next one was taken around 5 something.

Look at the difference after just one hour!

I think it's about an inch per hour. I am kinda excited. I like storms :) ABC news said it'll be about 28 inches this weekend! I hope everything will be ok by Wednesday so I can leave though. My dad's flight on Sunday was canceled this morning. I can't believe they canceled Sunday flights already!

I am feeling so lazy now. Just want to hide under the blanket and read New Moon. Oh yeah, finished Twilight last night (or should I say this morning). It was pretty exciting! I will definitely be taking more pictures tomorrow. Hope you are nice and warm inside with lots of food if you are in the area!


Jasmin said...

Lovely photos! Love these pics..

bcoco said...

I can't believe you forgot you have a 50-200mm lens! We have about 3 inches here in Lancaster, PA and I'm hoping to go out tomorrow and take some photos. Yours are wonderful!

Joyce said...

Thank you Jasmin!

@bcoco I usually just take pictures for my Etsy shop so I don't use the other lens :) we are up to 5 inches now can't wait to see ur pictures tomorrow!

The Rich Ant said...

I live here in the DMV too and I am amazed at the beauty that surrounds me. Your photos have come out so nice. You have inspired me to take a few of my own.

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